We Say Yes
Marriage Equality Campaign

MCMPR rallied the collective voice of our creative industry in support of the Australian same-sex marriage referendum by initiating a VOTE YES campaign, at a pivotal time in Australia's history. MCMPR partnered with AWPR to bring together approximately 400 members of the agency’s influential network to advocate change for a cause deeply important to our community, uniting for a moving photo moment.

The shoot was attended by notable Australian identities and the creative community at large wearing rainbow coloured t-shirts and captured by renowned portrait photographer Hugh Stewart. The image was shared hundreds of times, reaching millions of followers, dominating social media feeds using #wesayyes. The campaign sent a united message in support of voting yes in the referendum inspiring Australians to get involved.

Two months later, the Australian public voted in support of same-sex marriage, with legislation recognising marriage equality passed into law on 8 December 2017.